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August 16, 2012
A message from Mama Rene’s to our donors

John from Mama Rene’s leads an army of volunteers. They serve hot meals, distribute food parcels and clothing to 1000 homeless and needy people per week in Brisbane from his 2 vans & 1 truck. When John first started, he was using his own money to buy food to give to the needy. John says: “it was a mum & dad operation… my way of lending a hand”. Decades on, it’s still a ‘mum & dad’ operation. What has changed is the addition of 70 volunteer helpers and the larger number of people who depend on him for at least one decent meal a day. “I’m living my dream.” he says.

Through your generosity, he can continue his good work, providing nutritious meals for people living on the streets. John thanks you for the jars of pasta sauce which he can use to make up nutritious hot meals for the people he feeds.