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Like winter, unfortunate circumstances can come suddenly and affect all of us. None of us are immune to illness or job loss making the impact of rising living costs devastating in a time of need. As the cold creeps in, a parent might be forced to choose between a meal or putting fuel in the car to get their children to school.

Feeling isolated, helpless and unable to access food for yourself and the people you love means resorting to desperate acts.

Help us make the choice easier and give to our Winter Appeal today.

Foodbank Queensland is a network of 300 hunger relief charities and 200 school breakfast programs that support communities in metropolitan, regional and rural Queensland. Our warehouse is accessed every week by smiling charity volunteers who, with the help of Foodbank, feed more than 180,000 people in a month. One in six people in Australia experience food insecurity with nearly a third of these being children. Your generous support helps us provide food to everyone in need.

For every dollar donated, Foodbank will purchase a product as part of our Australia-wide Key Staples Program to distribute to struggling Australians throughout winter. You can learn more about the Key Staples Program by visiting Foodbank Australia’s website here. Our charities use Foodbank food in their breakfast programs, community meals and reduced cost food outlets to assist many who are homeless, unemployed or isolated and marginalised in the community.

With your help from 11 May 2017 to 30 June 2017 we can guarantee a regular source of food to Australians in need this winter.

Click the image below to make your donation today!



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