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Foodbank Queensland relies on the critical support of volunteers, staff and Board members to help Queenslanders struggling in the community. The organisation would like to recognise some of the individuals who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to achieving an Australia without hunger.

Ashley Clark

For Ashley volunteering in the Foodbank warehouse seemed like a no-brainer, on a break from Uni the flexibility of the work appealed to her not to mention her role in helping vulnerable Queenslanders in need.

In April 2016 thanks to the early retirement of the then Office Administrator, Ashley transitioned from volunteer to employee. Her next challenge came in the form of Communications Officer which saw her take on even more responsibility and move from an administration role to that of marketing and events coordination.

Now working as pallet controller Ashley keeps track of donations in addition to the organisationand management of logistics for various stakeholders. The logic involved is what appeals to Ashley, she finds it satisfying when all the parts come together being the left-brained thinker that she is. With it being a part-time role it also affords her the freedom to return to study chemical engineering.

Outside of Foodbank Ashley enjoys yoga, long walks, and reading (specifically Welsh writer John Ronson). Fun fact: Ashley has a pet fish named Apollo a very lovable docile creature.

Allan Waller

Like many of our amazing volunteers, Allan is a volunteer for Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Childand was with Blue Care Respite before he found out about Foodbank through the volunteer network. At the time he felt ready for a change and was interested in the work Foodbank was doing.

Allan’s made a lot of friends here at Foodbank and appreciates the opportunity to engage with volunteers and our frontline charities who collect from us here in Morningside. The social aspect makes time spent at Foodbank a joy and the ability to work and build friendships at the same time in addition to helping people in need is what it’s all about for Allan.

Most of Allan’s working life was spent in the commercial air conditioning industry (in both manufacturing and sales), and in 2000 at the age of 58 Allan was offered long service and decided to take early retirement as it was a quiet time making way for young guys looking to start their careers, raise families and pay off mortgages.

In his youth, Allan traveled to Papua New Guinea and found himself managing a coffee plantation of 200+ workers all before the age of 21. He then worked as an aircraft refueller before moving back to Australia and starting his career in the metal industry. If you find yourself in need of advice on coffee, classic cars or metal work Allan’s your man.

Leah Coogans

Leah first heard about Foodbank through a colleague of her husbands who had met Foodbank Queensland’s CEO Michael Rose who happened to mention that the Board wasin need of a volunteer Company Secretary.

Leah’s role as company secretary is to ensure the Board complies with its legislative obligations. There are lots of ways this can be achieved but the key to doing it in an organisationsuch as Foodbank is to ensure that it is done as effectively and unobtrusively as possible so as ensure the company can continue to do the amazing work that it does.

There are, sadly, always people in the community who are disadvantaged in some way. In recent years the numbers seem to be growing. It is so satisfying to know that I am contributing – in even the smallest way – to help those people who need it the most.

Managing to raise 3 gorgeous boys would have to be Leah’s greatest achievement. They’re not teenagers yet, so its early days, but so far they’re pretty amazing, thoughtful, kind and friendly. In the midst of raising them,Leah also completed an MBA which was pretty rewarding.

Foodbank would like to thank Ashley, Allan, Leah and the wonderful team that helps the organisationcarry out its work as the largest hunger relief provider in Australia. If you’re interested in joining the Foodbank Queensland team, please contact our friendly staff using the details provided…

Office Administrator

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