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Foodbank Queensland relies on the critical support of volunteers, staff and Board members to help Queenslanders struggling in the community. The organisationwould like to recognisesome of the individuals who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to achieving an Australia without hunger.

Tom Beswick

Tom here is one of our Friday volunteers, helping out breaking down stock and, making the occasional collection/ delivery. It all started when Tom’s dad suggested helping out at Foodbank as it would provide an opportunity to develop his warehousing skills. Around the same time Tom spent two years at the Wynnum Manly Meals on Wheels washing dishes.

Above all Tom enjoys helping others and has a special interest in our school breakfast program. Understanding the importance of education and how hard it is to focus on an empty stomach is what makes it worthwhile for him.

Should you find yourself at the Woolworths in Mountain View say hi to our friend Tom here. As a retail assistant his duties include replenishing stock, helping customers find their way around and answering any questions they may have.

In addition to his volunteering efforts and job at Woolies Tom likes watching films and reading books, his favourite author is J.K. Rowling who made a big impact on an 8-year-old Tom.

Tom’s no stranger to cleaning either and not just exploding drinks found in bins at the warehouse, but as a member of the SES. Tom helped fire fighter’s clean-up houses affected by the 2011 cyclone in Cairns & 2013 flood in Bundaberg to ensure they were once again habitable. Tom’s commitment to community is commendable and Foodbank thanks him for his dedication and service to others.

Benita Tiernan

Following the government pledge from the Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors to on board an additional 62 Queensland schools with breakfast programs Benita was brought on as Foodbank’s newest staff member. Her role as School Breakfast Coordinator a 6-month contract will help in rapidly expanding Foodbank’s School Breakfast Program. A self-professed numbers nerd Benita loves getting stuck into spreadsheets and statistics to better develop processes allowing for the continued success of the school breakfast program.

After having her son Fletcher and spending two years at home Benita was looking to return to the workforce. With experience working for large global corporations over the years, it was important to Benita that her return to work be more meaningful. As an added bonus Benita has a particular interest in environmental and social issues, and after listening to a podcast about food waste and food insecurity it was purely a coincidence that the very next day the position was advertised and caught her eye.

“I love the people, not just the staff and volunteers at Foodbank but the agencies, chaplains and school staff I have had the opportunity to engage with. I love that I am helping to do something really positive for children, especially those less fortunate than my own.” says Benita.

Fun fact: As a solo globe trotter Benita has visited a total of 32 countries. “I have learnt so much through exposure to different cultures, diverse experiences, natural and created beauty and engaging with wonderful people”.

Foodbank would like to thank Tom, Benita and the wonderful team that helps the organisation carry out its work as the largest hunger relief provider in Australia. If you’re interested in joining the Foodbank Queensland team, please contact our friendly staff using the details provided…

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