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Foodbank Queensland relies on the critical support of volunteers, staff and Board members to help Queenslanders struggling in the community. The organisation would like to recognise some of the individuals who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to achieving an Australia without hunger.

Sue & John McCarthy

Meet Sue and John a Foodbank power couple if ever there was one. Volunteers at Foodbank for approx. 11 years Sue started back in 2007 with John following closely after his time with Meals on Wheels Carina. Sue first heard about Foodbank from a local paper the South-East Advertiser.

Being the sports fans they are Sue and John often spend their time volunteering with various community organisations such as Swimming Queensland, Queensland Rugby Referees Association, Goodwill Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Inline hockey, G10, MS, and Cerebral Palsy.

As for day jobs, Sue works as a dressmaker (30 years and counting) and John retired in 2005 from public service with the ATO after 40 years handling income tax disputes. As you can imagine with Sue working from home she enjoys the social interaction and conversation Foodbank affords whereas John, on the other hand, is more the strong silent type.

In their downtime, the duo enjoys walking big treks such as Machu Picchu, bike riding and of course travelling. It seems there is, however, something this couple does not share an interest in and that is golf. After being gifted golf lessons as a retirement present, John likes to golf. Sue on the other hand has no interest.

Stewart King

Meet Stewart one of four of Foodbank’s talented truck drivers. Last year one of our amazing volunteers retired leaving an opening for a replacement truck driver. It’s said that when one door closes another will open. Luckily for us Stewart walked right on through. Thanks to Foodbank’s network of agencies and volunteers Stewart first heard about the vacancy whilst working for local charity Calvary Lighthouse Care.

Having grown up in a family of 10 on a single income in Victoria, from time to time help from Salvation Army and other families in the neighbourhood was vital. Helping out with basics such as bread and milk left Stewart with more than just a full stomach it showed him the importance of helping those in need. From a young age he felt a responsibility to give back to those unable to care for themselves especially the elderly and underprivileged.

Despite leaving school at 15 to start earning to support the King family Stewart now owns and operates a funeral business serving the community from as far as the Gold Coast.  Outside of his two jobs Stewart still finds the time to coordinate various community events supporting those on the street who have fallen on hard times.

Family is of great importance to Stewart who met his wife Lisa at 13 and was married at 16. It’s hard to believe that by the age of 21 Lisa had 3 kids (Sarah, Amy and Daniel) and they are both now proud grandparents to 9 grandchildren. Yes you heard right 9 grandchildren!

Foodbank would like to thank Sue, John, Stewart and the wonderful team that helps the organisation carry out its work as the largest hunger relief provider in Australia. If you’re interested in joining the Foodbank Queensland team, please contact our friendly staff using the details provided…

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