Some new faces and changes to the board for Foodbank Queensland.

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We have added a few new faces to the Foodbank Family over the last few months. If you are familiar with our Facebook page you have probably already seen Lorelle working her magic on the Facebook live posts. Lorelle has been appointed Head of Fundraising with the task of raising funds for our much needed new warehouse. Lorelle comes from a fundraising background with many not-for-profits and even spent four years as a journalist and news reporter in front of the camera. Hence why she’s so good on our Facebook live posts!

And we welcome Lee, who has been assigned a role as our new content and social media guy. Over the last few months, the team has been hard at work to give a boost to the food relief message in Queensland across our socials channels and to spread the word in the public eye for those in need. After seeing the overwhelming response of support from the general public over the last few weeks, we have no doubt that the increased presence on social has already shown impact.

We would like to welcome both Lorelle and Lee to the Foodbank Team.

Foodbank Queensland welcomes a new Chair.

L to R, Out going Chair John Debenham, Out going Deputy Chair Greg Phillips, newly appointed Chair Bob Newey & newly appointed Deputy Chair, Mike Hill
After some 15 years of service with Foodbank (two years as chair), John Debenham stepped down as board chair at the Foodbank Queensland AGM last month. Longstanding board member Greg Phillips also stepped down as deputy chair making his last step towards retirement. From all of the team here at Foodbank Queensland, we would like to thank John and Greg for all of their tireless efforts in helping turn Foodbank Queensland into what it is today. We wish both John and Greg all the best in the future.

The board unanimously appointed Bob Newey as the new chair and Mike Hill as the new board deputy-chair. We would like to congratulate Bob and Mike in their new roles.

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