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Foodbank Queensland supports over 200 schools with the ‘School Breakfast Program’. Research has shown 33% of people seeking food relief are children; not only are these kids hungry but the effects of hunger reduce their ability to engage at school, learn and socialise with their peers. Research has found that food relief allows people to have better focus and concentration, improves physical health, helps people to feel safe and increases attendance and performance at school (Foodbank Hunger Report 2016). Hunger can equate to 2 hours of lost learning time each day; this is equivalent to one school term each year! (Hunger in the Classroom 2015).

The ‘School Breakfast Program’ promotes social inclusion – this means all kids are invited, creating a fun family atmosphere, remembering their manners and participating within various aspects of the program.

Thanks to our fantastic supporters, Foodbank is able to supply bread, milk and fresh fruit. Products such as cereal and spreads are also available when the product is in stock.

If you are active within your school community and think your school may benefit from a school breakfast, please contact us.

If you would like to make a donation to support the longevity of our ‘School Breakfast Program’, please click here.
The Foodbank Queensland School Breakfast Program is proudly supported by the Queensland Government.

 For more information, please read our ‘Hunger in the Classroom’ report. Click here to download.

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