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Putting in place a Workplace Giving Program in support of Foodbank, is an easy and rewarding way to support the elimination of hunger in Australia.

Benefit to Employers

  • A Workplace Giving Program is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of initiating a Corporate Social Responsibility program within your business.
  • It shows you are committed to working in partnership with the broader community, in particular the causes your employees care about – something which is of increasing importance to all your stakeholders.
  • The administration can be undertaken as part of normal payroll procedures. Modern payroll systems are able to accommodate payroll giving, there are no tax forms to complete and the records required are straight forward.

Benefit to Employees

  • A Workplace Giving Program provides an easy way for you to make a regular commitment to a cause you care about.
  • It allows you to make smaller donations spread over the year, rather than a larger one-off donation.
  • Donations are taken care of by the company eliminating the need to arrange cash or cheques or set up direct debits. The method is cost-effective so it costs less to give more.
  • The donations are made from pre-tax salary which means you receive the tax benefit immediately and there is no need to request receipts or substantiate the donations for tax purposes later.
  • The system is easy to opt in and out of, giving you full control over their giving.

Benefit to Foodbank

  • Donations via a Workplace Giving Program provide a regular and reliable income to Foodbank ensuring our vital services and programs can continue and allowing us to budget and plan ahead.
  • While Foodbank receives funds from the government and the corporate sector, donations from the public are critical to enabling us to provide our vital service.
  • Workplace Giving funds are not used for administration – every dollar is utilised to generate additional food through our collaborative supply program.

Workplace Giving is living proof that small change can make a big difference.

Contact us if you are interested in establishing a Workplace Giving Program.

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